Halloween Party’s idea

halloween party ideas

Alice In Wonderland

For Halloween’s Party, if you want to have interesting theme for fun. you can plan by utilizing things in your house. Alice In Wonderland was an awesome party we organized.

  1. From any Disney, local theme stores or any online store you can buy frame and tea set with napkins.



2. You can utilize any mirror from home or buy cheaper one from wooden stores. You can buy beautiful picture frames , flowers from dollar tree. You can also buy removable paint to write on mirror. Use printer to print quotes and adjust it in frame.

3. Everyone’s mother has flower tea set, utilize them for your tea table. You can add lollipops at your table. We bought empty small bottle and print out tags. we added pop tarts as drinking solution. it took time but was fun to plan. we used picture frames to hang from Dollar tree store.



4. Games: stacking cards and taking ball with stick through the path. 

5. Give aways: Diary with lock key on it and drink me solution.

Costumes: we all dressed up according to theme.

White Queen: everyone has white dress and collection of bangles in their collections. Crown was bought from Dollar tree.

Alice , Queen of heart and remaining characters utilized their regular collection.